About Lend Partnerz


As an Entrepreneur have you ever felt that traditional credit availing facilities are time consuming and require tons of Documentation? As an Investor have you thought about money invested by you is safe or not & is your money growing?

Taking in consideration the above questions and solving the mentioned problems we at Lend Partnerz have developed a platform where we are trying to solve the issue of credit availability faced by the SMEs/ MSMEs by using AI & ML technology. SMEs/MSMEs may face major cash crunch because of credit period allowed by them to their customers. Lend Partnerz is trying to solve this problem by raising funds from investors to fulfil needs of these SMEs. Our credit facility doesn’t have any collateral requirements and need minimum documents. SMEs are supposed to use these funds until their invoice is cleared by their customer. In return investors get lucrative returns over money invested by them. To produce a very detailed risk model, we have eliminated the risk profile questionnaire as part of investment process. We are trying to evaluate financials & related documents required to calculate risk for approving credit facility using AI & ML technology. For on boarding online, machine is going to take every possible effort to precisely identify the identity of the customer.

Lend Partnerz have launched its platform few months back and is growing consistently. In past few months we have discounted invoices worth rupees Ten Million. We have worked with various brands which include Forbes Marshall, SAIL, Manipal Hospital, Shemaroo, Domino's Pizza, KFC, Colgate & many more.

After starting our platform, for the betterment of service utility and improvisations we have made technology additions and enhanced some features. In this journey towards success few Angel Investors have showed faith in us and have invested funds in our venture. These Investors include some well-known names from Banking & Finance sector.

Number of SMEs & MSMEs present in India are above 50 million and out of which hardly 10% have access to banking/financial services. The market of MSMEs is expected to get doubled by 2025

By considering growth percentage in MSME sector, and credit facilities required by them, we are planning to discount invoices worth Rs 7500 Crores in next five years. To achieve our target we are in the process of hiring necessary sales force. To reach out to the vast sector of industries & investors, we have been working on our social media & online presence.

Pillars of strength behind this venture are Mr Shashank Lunkad (Founder & CEO), Mr Mohit Kokil (Co-founder & CTO) & Mr Kshitij Lunkad (CS & Legal). Mr Shashank Lunkad has more than decade of experience in Banking and Financial Industry. He is expert in business development and sales. Mr Mohit Kokil has 8 years of experience in Data Science and Technology. He has worked with Kotak, EY and Piramal Group. Mr Kshitij Lunkad has rich and diverse experience in the field of legal and advisory services. Other than this we have team of 10 people with expertise in Technology and Marketing.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Finance Industry