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Recent Deals

Herbx Neutra Private Limited
Purchase Order Discounting
Invested Amount₹25,00,000
Duration90 Days
Profit Yeild16 %
KiranaKart Technologies Private Limited
Invoice Raised To
Invested Amount₹5,00,000
Duration60 Days
Profit Yeild15 %
Merwans Confections Pvt Ltd (Merwans)
Invoice Raised To
Invested Amount₹5,00,000
Duration60 Days
Profit Yeild13.5 %
Sapphire Foods India Limited
Invoice Raised To
Invested Amount₹5,00,000
Duration60 Days
Profit Yeild13 %
IKEA India Private Limited
Invoice Raised To
Invested Amount₹2,00,000
Duration60 Days
Profit Yeild13.25 %
7 India convenience retail limited
Invoice Raised To
Invested Amount₹5,00,000
Duration60 Days
Profit Yeild13.75 %
Oberoi Aviation
Invoice Raised To
Invested Amount₹3,00,000
Duration60 Days
Profit Yeild13 %

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Money Control

Featured in Money Control’s article of 28 high potential fintech start-ups

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Niti Aayog

Shortlisted as top 5 Fintech start-ups in India by Niti Aayog

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Finalist under the category Fintech Start-up of the Year

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Start-up India

DPIIT recognised start-up

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Attal Innovation Mission

Shortlisted as top 5 Fintech start-ups in India by Atal Innovation Mission

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Incubated with – Great Lakes Balachandran Incubator (AGBI)

Why Lend Partnerz?

Less Lock-in Period
High Returns, Low Risk
New Asset Class

How it Works?

VENDORSUpload invoice to raise the required funds1
LEND PARTNERZValidate the credibility of the Invoices.2
INVESTORSBid on the most lucrative Invoice based on the discount offered.3
VENDORSPay full invoice amount. Investors receive handsome returns.4

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Diversify your investment portfolio and get the profits that you deserve by investing in less lock in period !

Investor Reviews

Transparency and safety is important when making any investment. Lend Partnerz provides a transparent, secure and easy to use platform. This is a great new asset class to make investments.

Kedar PurohitAuxilo Finserve Pvt Ltd

The fact that my money doesn’t get locked up for a longer duration and I get liquidity on my money faster is an excellent opportunity that Lend Partnerz is providing to its investors.

Vishal KshirsagarSr.Product Manager : Rakuten

It is great to have a platform like Lend Partnerz that lets me invest for shorter time period as well as provides better returns than most other investment options.

Hitesh SolankiLocation Credit Manager : Auxilo Finserve Pvt Ltd

I look for investment opportunities that are safe and provide good returns. I am glad to have found Lend Partnerz which gave me wonderful returns on my money.

Dhaval Shah

Lend Partnerz is a platform which can be used by all types of investors, new and experienced. As an investor, it has really helped me gain higher returns securely.

Harshad MulyeProject manager : PARI WIPRO

Lend Partnerz is a platform that is really easy to use. This has greatly helped me diversify my investments. This is a very good platform to invest and earn handsome returns.

Prakash Joshi


About Lend Partnerz

Taking in consideration the above questions and solving the mentioned problems we at Lend Partnerz have developed a platform where we are trying to solve the issue of credit availability faced by the SMEs/ MSMEs by using AI & ML technology. SMEs/MSMEs may face major cash crunch because of credit period allowed by them to their customers. Lend Partnerz is trying to solve this problem by raising funds from investors to fulfil needs of these SMEs. Our credit facility doesn’t have any collateral requirements and need minimum documents. SMEs are supposed to use these funds until their invoice is cleared by their customer. In return investors get lucrative returns over money invested by them. To produce a very detailed risk model, we have eliminated the risk profile questionnaire as part of investment process. We are trying to evaluate financials & related documents required to calculate risk for approving credit facility using AI & ML technology. For on boarding online, machine is going to take every possible effort to precisely identify the identity of the customer.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Finance Industry

Newer algorithms can multivariate, with the ability to mine, structure, weigh, and use rich data. In this era of digitalization our generation is facing clashes between their digital expectations & old traditions. Traditional banking has evolved itself from branch model to digital model. But there are still some things to be taken care of for easier banking ways. This gap can be concealed with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

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