Lease Financing as an Investment

Your search for alternative investment options stops here. Investing in Invoice Discounting is one of the best alternative investment options in India. Lend Partnerz takes the unpaid invoices as collateral and lets you invest in these, while generating working capital for the businesses.

Option to choose between long-term & short-term investments

One of the main advantages of investing in lease financing is that you get the option to choose the duration of your investment. You can choose to invest for a longer or shorter duration based on your preferences.

Higher Returns

The investment returns with invoice discounting are pretty high. By investing in the invoices of blue-chip companies on Lend Partnerz platform, one can expect returns of upto 12-15%. Invoice Discounting serves as a really good alternative investment option to diversify your portfolio.

Safer Investments

The credibility of the invoices that are made live in the form of a deal is checked by Lend Partnerz. We make use of our proprietrary AI and ML technology to make sure that your investment is as safe as possible.

Easy Process

You don’t need to follow the stock market updates or worry about it. The process to invest in invoices is quite simple. Once you sign up with us, you will be notified of the new deal whenever they are made live. Buying a deal, adding money as well as withdrawing it is seamless with our easy to use web application.

Start Investing in Invoices