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It is a method used by Vendors to raise working capital against an unpaid Invoice so that they may continue their operations. Depending on his monetary requirement, the Vendor may ‘discount’ his Invoice to attract various Investors, hence the name Invoice Discounting.

  • Individual resident investors
  • HUF / Proprietorship registered in India
  • Institutional investors
  • Banks, NBFCs, and other Financial Institutions
  • NRI investors (Provided you have an NRO account and comply with basic pre-defined KYC guidelines- Pan card and valid Indian address proof.)

Z Score is the score calculated by Lend Partnerz using AI. It signifies the credit rating.

The industry trend for the payment of Invoices ranges anywhere between 30 – 90 days, after which the profits and the invested amount will be returned to you.

You need not fund the entire amount for the Invoice. Depending on your investment and profit earning needs, you can invest your preferred amount.

Lend Partnerz uses AI and ML to ensure the credibility, authenticity and integrity of the Invoices uploaded by the Vendors. The Invoice is also manually verified by a team of experts as we intend to leave no stone unturned.
The Vendors are legally obliged to pay the amount to the Investors irrespective of whether they receive their due amount or not.
In the worst case, even if the Vendor defaults, we will facilitate you in the legal aspects of recovering your money so that you bear no losses.

Risks are common in almost all investments. Lend Partnerz has various checks to minimize these risks for you, some of the features include:
  • IP Driven Decision making: Lend Partnerz employs continuously evolving AI and ML algorithms to ensure the background of the Vendor, their financial health and everything is credible and rock solid.
  • Invoice Analysis: The Invoices are restricted to blue-chip companies only and hence have a very low rate of default.
  • Legal Aspects: In case a company does default on the payment, Lend Partnerz will guide you so that you do not face any loss.
  • Lend Partnerz is just a platform to onboard the Vendors and the Investors, we do not assume any credit on behalf of the Investors.

Lend Partnerz in collaboration with their partner bank has facilitated the opening of an escrow account for each member. All transfers of funds happen through these escrow accounts. In case of liquidation of Lend Partnerz due to any financial/legal reason, money in the member's escrow account will be returned to the respective owners immediately. The money involved in the process will not be transferred to Lend Partnerz account at any stage (except service fees and government taxes, etc.).